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Welcome to the newbhojpurigana website. We have a collection of new and old Bhojpuri songs. The songs provide all films and albums. We will listen to all types of Bhojpuri songs. Here also the information about the song.
This is the only website where new Bhojpuri songs will provide you with the facility to listen, read and watch. All the songs are available on this website whether it be of a musician like Khesari Lal Yadav, Pawan Singh, Ritesh Pandey, Awadhesh Premi, Dinesh Lal Yadav, Arvind Akela alias (Kallu), Gunjan Singh, and female composer Akshara Singh, Priyanka Singh, and there are many Surrey artists who are struggling in our Bhojpuri Industries. Holi, Chhath, Dussehra, etc. festival songs are also available on this website.
Our website only provides Bhojpuri songs on this website, here you will get all the information about the song, who wrote this song by newbhojpurigana and who has choreographed it and which artist contributed to this song, so that it Saying the song is ready means you will get all the information


If you see the Bhojpuri song today, then everyone is crazy, nowadays the Bhojpuri song is not only in India but also in foreign countries, people are listening very fast. Now all the things that happen in Bollywood are also happening in Bhojpuri Industries. If seen, the Bhojpuri film world is now much further than expected. Bhojpuri songs are now being liked by people very fast, now people in foreign countries also used to listen to Bhojpuri songs. Bhojpuri Industries is providing everything that Bollywood, Hollywood, and Bollywood Film Industries provide.
Bhojpuri songs today do not have the temptation of any of its patrons. The people who speak and understand Bhojpuri are not only Bhojpuri speakers in the whole world because the workers who left here in the British Raj remained the same and today they help us to forward them whether it is a Bhojpuri film or a song. In many countries, Bhojpuri is spoken so much there.

which country listen to Bhojpuri song

There are many countries in the world that use the Bhojpuri language. They have a lot of Bhojpuri songs, films and Bhojpuri related programs. In which this country is predominant, where Bhojpuri people also live and like our songs and films in very high quantity like these countries which use Bhojpuri more. Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mauritius, Trinand and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica, Caribbean, South Africa, and Fiji. People like Bhojpuri music in all these countries. Due to this our audience is high, now it is seen that a lot of Bhojpuri films and songs are done in foreign countries and just as Bollywood award shows are out, so are our industry award shows like Maurit. Countries like Singapur and London Occurs in
The Bhojpuri language is also spoken in India more than 45%, Bhojpuri is used in our country very much in the northwest part of the country, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand etc.

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